Welcome to Afrimission

AFRIMISSION as the name depicts is a marketing company that is interested in African agro and food industrial sectors. Why are we interested in African agro and food industrial sector? We have a vision that if there is an appropriate planning and investment in these sectors, African countries' economy will grow rapidly. Secondly farming is the only readily available job to majority of Africans because of the availability of fertile land and high unemployment in most Africa countries.These populations, if encouraged and their produce are marketed especially through industrial processing and exportation, their standard of living and their environment will be upgraded thereby the call for sustainable development is being answered.
To enhance a smooth flow of import and export of food products and food industrial needs between Africa and Europe, Afrimission is using a strategy by which key food industrial project proposals in the area of food packaging and processing are promoted.
A well packed food product would always find its place and acceptance in the world market hence the collaboration with farmers and existing food industries in Africa and Nederland to achieve this goal.
An economically packed food is always and widely affordable and accessible thereby having a wider distribution to the consumers. As a result of this principle, Afrimission exports bulk milk products for local repackaging to African countries Another advantage of this is that the rich and the poor have access to these products.

AFRIMISSION also initiate innovative project proposals in collaboration with other food engineering companies, food producers and consultants that lead to successful execution of food industrial plants.
For the success of this venture in Africa some factors have been put into consideration such as:
The farming system in Africa, access to good information on investment opportunities, networking with national and international agricultural agencies, sourcing of funds, security of investment, and available market for the end product. Afrimission and her parthners are well informed on these areas.